Premium Metal Card – NFC Smart Business Card

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Introducing the Black Metal Card – a premium carbon steel Smart Business Card featuring our next-generation X1 NFC Chip and a Laser Engraved QR code.

Metal Card
NFC & QR Code
Laser Engraving
80grams Weight
1 mm Thickness
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Premium. Luxury. Outstanding.
This is the NFC Business Cards you close big deals with. This is the NFC Business Cards that gets you noticed.

Our metal NFC Business Cards are expertly crafted with ultra-durable stainless steel and meticulously etched with our fibre laser to guarantee the highest quality finish. Each NFC Business Cards has an NFC chip embedded inside, this allows you to share your Digi Line profile in seconds.

Our metal NFC Business Cards is our most exclusive offering & each NFC Business Cards is custom etched in Dublin to ensure a first-class finish. Every NFC Business Cards is unique & designed with you in mind. You have a goal & a dream, we have a NFC Business Cards to help you get there.

Our Metal NFC Business Cards make it possible to simply tap your card on a smart phone to share information. And, because they’re made of our thick .8mm stainless steel, they’re durable, luxurious, and functional!

Grow your business by standing out. Our metal business cards will make you stand out, or we will give you your money back!

What is NFC? NFC technology – short for Near-Field Communication – allows two devices to communicate over a small distance. In other words, a physical NFC chip can deliver a link to the receiving smartphone. The link could be your website, LinkedIn page, or any website you would like your client to visit. The receiver doesn’t even need to download an NFC reader, as most modern smart phones can read NFC chips.

What’s the benefit? Metal business cards are designed to impress, and they do that because they’re unique and different. The addition of an NFC chip to your metal business cards now makes your cards stunning AND functional. Imagine the wow factor when you tell the person holding your metal business card – who is already stunned and impressed – to simply tap the card to his/her phone to instantly visit your website (or other pre-programmed link). Simple, and really, really impressive.

These metal business cards are like no other – in addition to simply impressing everyone with the quality of our steel, you’ll be able to tap the card to instantly receive more information on a smart phone. These will absolutely wow anyone who receives one!

This is the NFC Business Cards you’ve been waiting for. Go change the game.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 5.4 cm

Metal Card




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  1. Varni Engineering Solution

    Digi Line smart products are simply amazing! The technology behind them is outstanding, and they’re so easy to use. I’m blown away by how seamlessly they integrate into my daily routine. Highly recommended!

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