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Making networking better and connecting smarter, one Tap at a time.

          At Digi Line we believe in building better relationships. We know that people are so much more than what fits on a piece of paper, so we created a way to showcase the entirety of who they are. One of the most basic human instincts is to connect—and the more we know about each other, the easier it is to find those commonalities that strengthens our relationships. Rather than reduce our identities to a handful of words, Digi Line celebrates the richness of who we are in every aspect of our lives while reducing waste associated with traditional business cards.


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Scaling to an all-inclusive NFC card containing every exchangeable business information.

Riding the wave to ease business networking processes with technology, we at Digi Line aim to make business and personal networking smooth, contactless, tech-enabled, centralised and paper-free. With more than 70% business cards that’re printed every year, being wasted or trashed, it becomes our fundamental duty to bring in technology and curb this menace. Digi Line cards on the one end being ‘environment saviours’ enable one to stylize and customize their way of networking & introductions. With a regular update to our solutions, we aim to make technology easy to use for all and global.

Paper wastage

Of the 27-million-plus business cards printed each day in the US alone, 88 percent are tossed away within a week of receiving them. Think of all the firs and pines — a precious and finite resource — that are being used up and disposed of, after serving little to no purpose.